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Hybrid Gel

Hybrid gel polish is an exciting innovation on the market - it combines the fast-hardening and durable properties of gel with a faster removal and an easy brush-on application from a bottle like nail varnish.

Benefits of hybrid gel polish

• Hybrid gel lasts around 2 weeks
• It's instantly 'dry' and hard after curing in an UV/LED lamp
• Glossy and durable finish
• Easy brush-on application from a bottle
• Faster removal than traditional potted gels or soak-off gels
• The formula starts to slowly thicken as the solvents evaporate with application which helps prevent product running into skin
• Great for nail art
• Low odour - hybrid gels don't smell as strongly as nail polish or acrylic LART hybrid gel polish range can be used for short nail extensions and repairs

Gel X photo2

Gel X photo2


What are Gel-X Extensions?

Gel-X extensions have the malleability of a soft gel polish and the length of a press-on or glue-on nail. The extension is made out of gel polish which is applied directly on top of your full natural nail and can be cut and shaped to your preference. Our Gel-X Nail Extension Service uses the same materials as a Gel Manicure, but the technique can create length past your natural nails, thanks to clear tips that are filed to blend seamlessly with them.

Unlike acrylic or hard-gel extensions, Gel-X tips don't just sit at the tip of the nails. Instead, they cover the entire nail bed from cuticle to free edge. We offer various sizes of full-coverage tips, which allow you to customize the ones you use based on the size and shape of your finger. While they do come in different shapes - square, round, or stiletto - you can cut and shape them however you want. You can also pick from short, medium, long, stiletto, coffin, round, or square shapes.

Once you've selected the shape and size of your nail, your natural tips are prepped with a pH bonder and nail primer. Then, your nails get one coat of a thick, clear gel which is cured under a LED lamp. When your natural nails are cured, it's time to secure your extension. This is done by adding more of the Extend Gel polish to the inside of the tip (the side sitting on your nail) and curing it with the LED lamp. The clear gel product fills in any of the gaps, making the nail extension even stronger, similar to an acrylic.

Perhaps what's best about gel nail extensions are how natural they look. It is a better-looking finished product in the end - it looks more natural than acrylics. This is partially due to the fact that we're able to shape them the way that you want and make them as thin as your real nails. What's more, they won't lift the way that acrylics do over time, looking less clunky on your hands. If you walk into the salon for a fresh set, prepare to spend at least an hour and a half for extensions. Add additional time if you want to add gel polish on top.

Gel X photo1

Gel X photo1

Dipping Powder

If you're someone who values their time and loves a long-lasting nail look, dip powder nails will be right up your alley. "The benefits of dip powder nails is that they are more durable, last longer than gel polish"

While regular and gel polishes can be prone to chipping and peeling, dip powder manicures are in a class all their own, thanks to their unique ability to last, even for those who can be hard on their hands. “Dip powder nails are a manicure method that combines pigmented powder with specialized bases and sealers to create extremely attractive, durable manicures,"

Consider giving dip powder a try if you work with your hands a lot or just need a little more longevity out of your manicure, say, for a busy time of year or even for ease during upcoming travel. You may find you'll love the results-and all that glossy shine and rich pigment

Gel X photo1

Gel X photo1